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  1. Cash Quiz by Money Globe App is a trivia multiple-choice game based on skill and knowledge. CQ allows users to play as often as they wish to win a cash payout. Users may pay as little as $1.99 for a chance to win cash payouts.

    About the Game

    • CQ provides 10 questions per game. Guess the correct answer and win a cash payout.
    • All players receive one free life per game. If a player signs up using their social media account, they are given one extra life.
    • Every multiple-choice question has 3 possible answers, but only one answer is correct.
    • A timer is set for the entire game.
    • Players may pass on any question (without penalty) and return later to answer the question.
    • If a player passes on a question, the question remains in the rotation.
    • A player can choose to pay a life in order to pass on a question. If they do, a new question is generated.
    • The game ends when a player answers all questions correctly or when the clock runs out.
    • Top winners are visible on the app.

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