Money Globe App Inc., headquartered in Texas, USA, is a dynamic company with a team of passionate and dedicated employees spread across the globe. Our mission at MGA is to develop engaging and interactive games that are not only fun to play, but also provide an opportunity to win exciting prizes, cash, and gift cards while enhancing cognitive skills. We believe that gaming should not just be entertaining, but also offer a valuable learning experience. That’s why all of our games, whether designed for kids or adults, are integrated with educational elements to stimulate the mind and boost mental agility. At MGA, we strive to create games that offer something unique and rewarding each time you play. We don’t just want to create another game, but an experience that leaves you feeling enriched and satisfied. And the best part? Our games are completely free to download and play! Our flagship app, Spot & Solve Puzzle, is a perfect example of our commitment to creating engaging, educational, and rewarding games. We invite you to download our game from the app stores and join our community of players across the globe.