The Money Globe App Company:

The First Games Of  Skills App Platform.

MGA allows users to play all the games they grew up watching on TV.  With only a minimum fee users has a chance to win maximum cash payouts.  MGA is not affiliated with any gambling institutions and should never be considered a gambling company. MGA  games are based on knowledge and skills.  MGA has partnered with trusted merchants such as Alipay to provide secure payments and payouts.

MGA prohibits the play of it’s games in the following countries: UNITED ARAB EMIRATES, BRUNEI, CAMBODIA, NORTH KOREA, JAPAN, SINGAPORE, CYPRUS, QATAR, LEBANON and POLAND.

MGA provides fast and free payouts, multiple deposit methods, customer service answered in less than 24 hours.

Best in class security features.

When you sign up our system provide a SMS phone verification to play our game, you can not play the game without this one-time verification. By downloading our game, you agree to accept the SMS security verification code to your mobile device. Message and data rates may apply.”

We trust and hope you enjoy your experiences with our company.



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Real Questions. Real Winners. Real Cash.

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Cash Quiz

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